Learn Quran for Kids

Learn Quran for Kids

As a Muslim parent’s first and foremost duty is to teach Quran to children & to tell them about the basic principles of Islam. Now you don’t need to send your children outside the house for getting religious education & learning the Quran. Online Quran learning provides a platform for learning the Quran. Various courses are offered by us from a basic level of reading Noorani Qaida to an advanced level of reading the Quran with Tajweed &  Tafseer. If a child acquires the knowledge of the Quran & Islam at an early age, it’s easy for them to implement the teaching of Islam in their daily affairs. Online Quran learning is not only beneficial for students but also for working parents.  You can arrange classes according to the time comfortable to you for supervision of kids. We have one in one class to give equal attention to all children.
The course offered by Online Al- Kahf is effective and reliable in the environment of highly qualified teachers. Anyone sitting in any corner of the world learns the Quran from home effectively.

WHY online Quran for Kids?


Due to different degrees & levels of understanding, teaching the Quran is a difficult & extremely complex profession.  Quran tutors must have patience & tolerance so the children become able to learn & comprehend the Quran adequately. The tutor must be motivational & inspirational to set up objectives & energies for the students.

Discount for all

We offer concessions for Muslim families having more than one child. The fee is maintained at a level reasonable for both tutors & children.

Confident tutors

The staff of our online Quran learning is highly qualified with professional experience of teaching Quran online for many years.  They do not just teach how to read the Quran but also make the children familiar with the translation & memorization of the Holy Quran.  Develop an urge in children to get religious education & implicit it in life.

Good Relationship with the Students 

Our staff is kind hearted & highly motivated as well as inspirational in building good relationships with children. They give equal attention to all children & encourage & appreciate kids to learn the online Quran with spirit.

Basic Knowledge of Islam

Our services will make students familiar with the basic religious education such as prayers, kalmias & learning the holy Quran.

Homework Plan

Simple homework is developed by the tutors for students in the form of simple exercises that help them to revise their lessons. 

Online Quran for Kids

Online Quran learning is effective for students because it positively & changes their way of living. They become able to spend their life according to the teaching of Islam. The Arabic terminology widens their mind & they understand a deep knowledge of Islam. Different courses help to widen the scope of knowledge of students.

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